Friendly Neighbourhood bar for all, in the heart of Fade Street, bringing you the best selection of the Irish Craft, we bring the Irish Boilermaker to you, pairing together with what we do best, whiskey and beer.

To gins, craft beers and our twist on cocktails from an era we tip our hat too, when the music was full of soul, the people were full of inspiration and everybody around where there to have a good time.


In April 1942, the transformation began of Idlewild golf course to Idlewild airport (now JFK airport) in New York.
Like all good construction projects in America back then, the Mafia and the Teamsters had an interesting role in its development through their legendary “consultancy agreements”.
One of their “conditions” was the incorporation of the Idlewild Bar
into the building, an establishment which they operated for their colleagues, friends and molls.

Legendary artists and actors would regularly frequent this bar pre and post fights with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Marylin Monroe, John F Kennedy, Angie Dickinson and Sophia Loren all stopping in to get away from the paparazzi. If only the walls could talk!

It also may have been the birth place of a secret love affair between a president of the free world, and the most glamorous blonde bombshell of all time.

Legend has it that the manager of this ‘fine upstanding emporium’ was Irish and subsequently went on to manage the Flamingo in Las Vegas on the recommendation of Mr Sinatra and the Rat Pack.
We tip our hat to this era, to the colourful characters, and the Irish connection.

In this little neighbourhood bar at 14 fade street, which itself had a colourful history as a place where ladies of the night kept residence in the 1830’s in the basement.

14 Fade St. Dublin 2

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Mon-Wed: Open from 6pm
Thu - Sun: Open from 5pm

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