Something For Everyone

Idlewild Team

August 2016

We always knew we would have a strong focus on beer in the bar. Some of the staff had a background working with breweries before, and the owners were keen to have a good offering of beer on fade street, something missing previously. The craft scene was originally confined to specific bars that specialised in selling drink from Ireland and abroad and often chose not to include the usual suspects like Guinness and Heineken. While this was great for pushing people to experiment and try something new, it also succeeded massively in alienating the friends of craft beer fans who just wanted to drink what they were used to.

I left a large group of bars that functioned like this to come and work at Idlewild. We had a plan to create a bar that didn’t leave anyone out, one that catered for everybody. We happily serve tons of products that most people would expect to find in the bar, but part of our passion lies in amazing hand crafted beers produced in Ireland and overseas.

We have been received incredibly well. With thirteen different exciting bottles and cans, a pale ale being made just for us in Dublin, a program that offers a new rare bottle every week and a tap that changes every time a keg runs out we have fresh, new, exciting options for our customers every time they come in.

So now we are planning more. This is the first post on a blog that will operate weekly, with an aim to discuss the beer we have on special for that particular week, talk about events in the Irish beer world and find out what people think we should have in the fridges. We will have more great beer coming, as winter rolls in we will have a great selection of stouts and porters, reds and dark ales.

It’s an exciting time to be part of the craft beer world and the perfect time to get involved. Hopefully we will be amongst a wave of new bars that can offer hand made Irish beer to customers, supporting small local families and businesses.

Stay tuned to this blog, either through the website itself, or through our Facebook and Twitter pages to get updates on what we have to offer and to see what events may be coming up in the near future.